Confession of a white woman who hasn’t been pulling her weight in this fight

White Nationalism is morally equivalent to racism. It’s morally equivalent to sexism, misogyny, and homophobia. It is morally equivalent to antisemitism. Those of us who are white have a moral obligation here to call ALL of these things out when we see them. Loudly and unequivocally. I don’t find it personally difficult to call out white supremacy/white nationalism/nazis because I don’t feel like I’m risking anything to do so. I also don’t have a hard time labeling racism as such when I see it online. But here’s the problem: I do it more so on Facebook because I tend to keep Twitter a professional account. But I see racism there. I don’t do it as often in professional FB pages I belong to, because again I’ve drawn this imaginary line between Cindy and Professional Cindy because Professional Cindy should just stick to legal issues around taxes and such. But I see racism there, too. This is a failure on my part and it stops today. Starting with the racist cesspool that is the Texas Lawyers page. I promise you, my friends, that if I see something in my professional spaces, I’ll say something. I’ll call out racist lawyers. The consequences my POC friends suffer at my silence are far greater than the consequences I will suffer from another lawyer calling me a liberal snowflake in that forum and maybe taking me off his referral list.

The second place where I’ve failed is in calling out racism by friends and family–when it happens and to their faces. Because it’s hard, and I don’t like conflict and it can cause lasting damage to close relationships. Friends, I have failed you here, and it stops today. Because I can’t sit around as the folks I love denounce white supremacy and then utter a racist statement in the next breath. That allows racism to continue unchallenged. And that allows things like Charlottesville to happen.

To my POC friends, I have not done the job for you that I need to be doing, and I’m sorry. I’m going to do better. To my white friends, consider if any of my failures seem familiar, and if they do, please make the same pledge. We’ve got to walk the walk at all times, not just when it’s safe and easy for us.


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